Launch new specialty crop in a crowded field.


Client risks carpal tunnel answering over 300 phone calls.

Launch New Specialty Crop In A Crowded Field

Client challenge
  • A new specialty crop vies for attention in a crowded field.
  • An agricultural company wanted to create awareness and sales of a new specialty crop it had developed.
Our vision
  • Tell the story of the 20-year development and how the crop could improve the balance of trade by replacing imported materials.
  • Use quotes from USDA, universities, P&G, and growers to show how the new crop would affect all those impacted.
  • Launch targeted PR campaign to trade media
  • Achieved 31 stories with total audience/circulation of 1,748,059
  • Client’s website hits doubled in same month, then up 250% next month.
  • The client received more than 300 telephone enquiries and almost immediately met its sales goals.