Great new feline vaccine struggles to attract interest from veterinarians (and cats).


Client sales catapulted to #1 in nation.

Feline Vaccine

Client challenge
  • A veterinary distributor’s sales reps were having difficulty selling a one-of-a-kind vaccine for a new feline disease threat.
Our vision
  • Make the disease threat real to practices and pet owners by creating a consumer awareness campaign via PR that told the stories of veterinary technicians whose cats suffered from the disease.
  • Develop an educational in-clinic detail aid that could pull double duty with both clinic staff and cat owners.
  • Armed with the new materials, distributor reps embraced the new product.
  • Distributor sales of the new vaccine soared to #1 in the industry.
  • The VP of sales of the manufacturer of the vaccine said “This is what we’ve needed!” and adopted the materials nationwide.