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Veterinary hospital enrollments lag


Roll tape! Eight TV news spots generate soaring program enrollments.

Enrollments Lag

Client challenge
  • A veterinary pharmaceutical company was running a nationwide program requiring a minimum number of dogs with a specific disease treated at each participating veterinary hospital.
  • One veterinary hospital was lagging behind and in danger of being cut from the program.
Our vision
  • Initiate a consumer PR campaign featuring the hospital treating dogs with the frightening disease.
  • Pitch the story to all media outlets surrounding the veterinary specialty hospital.
  • One local TV station sent out a film crew and interviewed the veterinarian with a canine patient.
  • The resulting news story ran a total of eight times over two days at two TV stations.
  • Dog owners brought their dogs in to be treated and the hospital jumped to #2 in the nation.
  • Both the hospital owner and the client were ecstatic.