Enlist pet owners to register for medication reminder notices.


Purring and tail-wagging way up as thousands of pet owners register.

Enlist Pet Owners to Register for Medication Reminder Notices

Client challenge
  • A veterinary pharmaceutical company wanted to drive more registrations in an on-line pet medication reminder system.
  • If more pet owners sign up for reminders, more pets receive needed medications on time.
Our vision
  • Recommend that client make reminder website a standalone site separate from their corporate website.
  • Recommend that the client expand the service to users of any product, thus making it a one-stop shop for pet owners and allowing the client to collect data on competitive products.
  • Totally redesign the website.
  • Develop and launch a consumer PR campaign on the service.
  • The campaign achieved over 33 million media impressions in the first month.
  • Site registrations doubled in the first month and continued to soar.
  • The campaign achieved a total of 317 stories with a total audience/circulation of over 113 million.