Build awareness of need for safer equine pain meds.


Informative press kits put veterinary research in winners' circle.

Build Awareness of Need for Safer Equine Pain Meds

Client challenge
  • A veterinary pharmaceutical client had just launched an equine pain medication that was much safer than current products.
  • However, market research showed horse owners weren’t aware of side effects of other products.
  • Researchers from a top veterinary college had placed a study about problems with equine pain meds in a scientific journal, but the study had never been published in consumer media.
Our vision
  • Create awareness of the need for safer pain medication for horses.
  • Develop a press kit from the university (not the client).
  • Develop comparative charts and other visual materials to highlight key results.
  • Offer journalists an educational kit on the important study.
  • Right out of the gate, the story was widely picked up by virtually every equine publication.
  • Awareness of side effects of current treatments helped pave the way for client’s new treatment.
  • University researchers became huge fans of Visionaire and its PR abilities (and the client)!